London to get world's largest cycle path

According to a recent poll, two thirds of London voters support investment in cycling and, perhaps for this reason, the British capital has set up what will become the largest cycle path in Europe, called Crossrail for the bike. This was announced by Mayor Boris Johnson who promoted this project during his own election campaign. The £ 913 million plan calls for the construction of two lanes of cycle paths separated from motorized traffic, which will intersect in central London. From the north the track will start at King's Cross all the way to Elephant and Castle, while in the east it will start in Barking to the west of Acton. The project now passes into the hands of the Transport for London Council and, once officially approved, construction is expected to begin in March. CYCLING TRACKS THROUGHOUT GREAT BRITAIN. The cycle path project is very popular with Londoners despite the risk of traffic congestion due to the reduction of lanes. In the survey that involved 21,500 citizens, 84% of respondents said they were in favor, a result that undoubtedly impressed Johnson too, who said: "We need a cycling revolution across the country as a whole and I believe that we should look much deeper at connections across Britain. Londoners have always dreamed of it, people want to cycle safely and in a protected environment and with Crossrail for the bike we have done it ». Each route will have a capacity of 3,000 cyclists per hour, equivalent to 41 double-decker buses or five full subway trains per hour.

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