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Our team is the secret of our success.

Each of our employees is extraordinary in their own right, but together we are what makes B. Smart electric such a fun and rewarding project. All of our employees are unique individuals, our team is a talented group with a shared vision of consistently delivering an exceptional experience to our customers.

We are very proud of the team we have built.

It's time to introduce ourselves!

Alberto is our CEO and Front-End Developer who takes care of the Site and beyond. Alberto manages the overall operations of the company, including product development, communications and logistics. Together with his team, Alberto develops and approves strategies to meet the needs of investors, consumers and employees. Communicate with people inside and outside the company to find out which policies, products and marketing strategies will help us move forward. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of long-term strategies, with the aim of increasing the value of everything we have created to date. Alberto loves researching new products and putting them on the market to observe how customers react to the latest electric transport technologies. He is passionate about all aspects of website development, from project planning to the deployment process. Alberto is also the recruiter on a never ending mission to attract the best talent into our B.smart family. His goal is to build the best team in the world and he will most likely succeed as he has victory running through his veins.

CEO / Front End Developer


He is an enthusiastic sales professional who excels at motivating others to achieve record sales numbers. His career achievements include numerous awards for always having the highest sales performance. Alex is our best seller with a focus on the best customer experience.

Sales manager


Manager Our customer service makes sure our customers receive quick and informative answers to their questions via chat, calls and emails. This is Mark's main goal. In addition to this, john is responsible for all offers and special prices which are constantly updated on our website. he also takes care of the social aspect of B.smart electric and takes care of the management of our whatsapp group, taking care of every question and curiosity of every customer. do you need information? Not sure which product to choose? Mark is here for you.

Customer Service / Promotions and Discounts