Distributor tips

  1. Choose the product.

  2. Choose the category you want to opt for. Stick with your capabilities if you are already familiar with a particular brand or type of product.

  3. Apply for Licenses

  4. Make sure to have all the appropriate licenses from your state including, tax ID number and resale permit.

  5. Rent a Warehouse or a unit or any safe place to keep the stock.

  6. You have to find a warehouse to store your inventory if you want to become a distributor. The space depends upon how much stock you are holding at once and the kind of products you are distributing. Our minimum quantity order for any product is 5 pcs.

  7. Maintain an Inventory System

  8. Develop an inventory system prior to buying products. No mess should be there to reduce the chances of product missing
  9.  Marketing

Market your business by creating advertisements on business websites, business magazines,social media or simply print some brochures or flyers with our product (We can help you on that !). Make sure you reach the most customers in the most precise way.

 All done ? You are now ready to complete and send us the application form!

Contact us here and we will reply as soon as possible