Performance Electric Bicycles

Everyone's E-Vehicle needs some maintenance occasionally to keep it running smooth and firing on all cylinders. With this in mind, BSmart Electric have created a list of the most common parts you need when servicing your E-vehicle.


    Our line of performance electric bicycles is our latest addition, proud of this exceptional line of high quality electric bicycles, we are pleased to offer you two different types of bicycles: an electric sports bike,the PERFORMANCE SPORT X1 created to make you move easily in the city and in the stretches extra-urban, and our PERFORMANCE DELIVERY PRO which is a model more suitable for those who work as drivers for large food delivery companions. 

    In our opinion, innovation should not be for the few, but accessible to all.

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    At Bsmart Electric, we understand that every E-vehicle needs regular
    maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. With this in mind,
    we've curated a comprehensive list of the most common parts you need when
    servicing your E-vehicle. Our selection of maintenance essentials is designed
    to keep your E-vehicle firing on all cylinders, providing you with a
    hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience.

    Quality Parts for Optimal Performance

    We take pride in offering top-notch parts that are known for their quality
    and reliability. Our maintenance essentials are sourced from reputable brands,
    ensuring that your E-vehicle receives the best components for optimal
    performance and longevity. When it comes to servicing your E-vehicle, trust in
    Bsmart Electric for top-quality parts you can rely on.

    Battery Chargers for Endless Adventures

    Maintaining your E-vehicle's battery is crucial for uninterrupted rides. Our
    selection includes high-performance battery chargers that are specifically
    designed for E-vehicles. Ensure your battery remains charged and ready to power
    your adventures with our efficient and dependable chargers.

    Tires for a Smooth Ride

    Riding with worn-out tires can be both unsafe and uncomfortable. Our range
    of tires caters to various E-vehicle models and terrains, providing you with
    the perfect fit for your specific ride. Experience a smooth and secure journey
    with our quality tires that offer excellent grip and durability.

    Brake Pads for Added Safety

    Safety is paramount, and well-maintained brake pads are essential for
    reliable stopping power. Browse our collection of high-quality brake pads to
    ensure your E-vehicle's braking system operates at its best. Ride with
    confidence, knowing that your brakes are up to the task of keeping you safe on
    the roads.

    Spare Parts for Peace of Mind

    Be prepared for any unforeseen situations with our assortment of spare
    parts. From fuses to cables and connectors, we offer a range of spare parts to
    have you covered in case of emergencies. With our spare parts on hand, you can
    continue your rides without interruption and with complete peace of mind.

    Expert Advice for Hassle-Free Maintenance

    Servicing your E-vehicle shouldn't be complicated. Our team of experts is
    ready to provide you with valuable advice and support, ensuring that you choose
    the right parts for your specific E-vehicle model. Enjoy hassle-free
    maintenance with our expert guidance at your disposal.

    Extend the Life of Your E-Vehicle

    Regular maintenance with quality parts is the key to extending the life of
    your E-vehicle. By investing in Bsmart Electric's maintenance essentials, you
    ensure that your E-vehicle remains in top condition and continues to deliver
    outstanding performance for years to come.

    Servicing Made Easy with Bsmart Electric

    Ready to keep your E-vehicle firing on all cylinders? Explore our collection
    of maintenance essentials and take the hassle out of servicing your E-vehicle.
    With top-quality parts and expert advice from Bsmart Electric, you can
    confidently maintain your E-vehicle and enjoy countless smooth and enjoyable
    rides ahead. Invest in the best for your E-vehicle's maintenance needs with
    Bsmart Electric today!



    Please ensure that you operate your electric bike/scooter within all UK laws. Electric bikes with throttle (over 15.5MPH and 250WATT) are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes, or roads.

    Customers assume all liability and risk associated with e-bike use and holds bsmart, bsmart technology Ltd and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.